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Moonga-Red Coral stone Luxury (12 Ratti)

Moonga-Red Coral stone Luxury (12 Ratti)

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Having their place among the navratnas, the red coral stone is one of the most important stones of Vedic astrology. These stones are created in the deep sea by organisms called coral polyps. The power of this red stone is one of the most recognized phenomena of Vedic astrology. This stone is known to have huge benefits, extravagant significance. This stone is ruled by the planet Mars and is considered to be one of the most revolutionary stones of Vedic astrology.

Who should wear Moonga?

This stone is suitable in the condition when mars are your main planet and is present in the 7th, 9th, or 10th house. It is only in this condition that the red coral stone will benefit you. The Red Coral Gemstone is thought to bring power to the owners of signs of Aries, Cancer, Scorpion, Leo, Sagittarius, and Pisces.

Benefits of wearing Moonga –

  • Symbolizes courage, power, and ambition.
  • Known as a great source of strength during troubled times.
  • Better relationships.
  • Longevity.

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          muskan soni
          highly recommend

          The people at Gemsmantra were super nice and helpful. They helped me choose the right size and quality of the gemstone. They even answered all my questions and made sure I was happy with my choice.When the gemstone arrived, it came in a special box that kept it safe and protected. It was like opening a treasure chest! I could tell that Gemsmantra really cares about making their customers happy.

          somya bindra
          highly recommend

          I am delighted with my purchase from Gemsmantra and highly recommend them to anyone in search of high-quality gemstones. Whether you are a gemstone enthusiast or someone looking for a specific stone for astrological purposes, Gemsmantra is a reliable and trustworthy source. I will definitely be a repeat customer and look forward to exploring their other offerings in the future.THANK YOU

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