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7 Chakra Hematite Bracelet

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Hematite Seven Chakra Stretchable Bracelet. Best Quality Crystal Beads.  Ready to wear, already Aura-synchronized and activated for Best Results.


What makes it so powerful is that it fuses magnetic hematite with seven chakra gemstones, which are excellent crystals for healing. It improves blood flow, used to clear energy blockages, believed to speed up the healing process. It is traditionally worn to ease various symptoms, said to activate the seven chakras. The magnetic properties of the stone are thought to draw blood where you place it. This is said to relax the tissues and muscles in that region. In return, it is believed to put the body in the best possible state for self-healing. Get the best AAA quantity crystal bracelets with Gemsmantra. 

*T&C- this product is certified and pre-charged. the physical certificate will not be included with your purchase.

7 Chakra Hematite Bracelet
7 Chakra Hematite Bracelet Sale priceRs. 699.00 Regular priceRs. 899.00

Orders will be dispatched within 2 Working Days!

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
yash munjal
restore harmony

Each bead represents one of the seven chakras, helping to restore harmony and promote overall helps to anchor your energy, providing a sense of stability and connection to the earth

aarushi namdev
representing the different chakras

It adds a touch of vibrancy to any outfit and serves as a fashionable reminder of your spiritual journey.

ayushi jain
Colorful and Stylish

In addition to its metaphysical properties, the 7 chakra hematite bracelet is a stylish and colorful accessory.

Anurag Nema
Enhanced Awareness and Intuition

This promotes enhanced intuition, inner wisdom, and heightened spiritual awareness. Wearing this bracelet can aid in accessing and trusting your intuitive abilities.

Sakshi Paruthi
Grounding and Stability

It's a wonderful accessory for those seeking grounding and stability in their lives.

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