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Pitambari Neelam Premium (4 Ratti)

Pitambari Neelam Premium (4 Ratti)

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The Pitambri Neelam gemstone or Neelambari is very unique as it comes in a bi-color variety of sapphire. This gemstone is thought to be originated from the Corundum mineral family and thus contains a combination of a yellow and blue hue in varying proportions. This stone is a combination of Pukhraj (yellow sapphire) and Neelam (blue sapphire). This stone is associated with good social status, fortune, health, mental stability, and money.


Who can wear pitambari neelam?

Pitambari is a combination of planets Jupiter and Saturn planet. In Vedic astrology, it is thought that this stone can be worn when both of these planets are weak in the native’s birth chart. This stone is a very powerful gemstone and can cause very negative effects on one’s life if worn unsupervised.

Benefits of pitambari gemstone –

  • Better bone health and physical power.
  • Increased returns on long-term investments and financial planning.
  • Fame and popularity.
  • Better focus and emotional stability.


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