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Rudraksha | Rudraksha Mala/Beads | 1-21 Mukhi Rudraksh | Rudraksha Benefits

  • Rudraksha in Sanskrit means Lord Siva’s tear drops, that dribbled from his eyes out of joy, fell on Earth & became seeds which grew as Rudraksh trees. That’s why Rudraksha is considered so sacred.
  • Rudrasha tree usually grows at high altitude in the mountains - mainly in the Himalayan range.
  • Rudraskha are mostly sourced from Nepal, Burma & Indonesia. Although found in some parts of the western ghats in south India, but the best quality ones come from a certain altitude in Himalayas because somehow the soil, air, water, and everything around influences it.
  • Rudraksha mala have very unique vibration that shields against negtive energies, cleanses the aura, and brings Happiness, Success & Prosperity to the wearer. Rudrasha has natural surface marking called Mukhi or Facets ranging from 1 to 21.
  • Rudraksha has many types- 1 mukhi, 2mukhi, 3 mukhi, 5 mukhi, gaurishankar, and many more. Types of Rudraksha according to zodiac signs. Each mukhi Rudraksha holds its own unique reverberation, significance & benefits.
  • The Rudraksha comes in different mukhi's (faces) - from 1 mukhi to 21 mukhi. Each mukhi Rudraksha has its own significance & benefits.
  • One can wear Rudraksha in mala, bracelet, or a single rudraksh in thread/dhaga of black or red color.
  • Rudraksha has many powerful benefits like health benefits, scientific and spiritual.
  • Tips and tricks of how to take care of rudraksha-