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Lapis Lazuli Bracelet

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Discover the timeless allure of our Lapis Lazuli Bracelet, a gemstone steeped in ancient history and revered for its rich, dark blue hue. Embraced by Egyptian civilizations for ornate adornments, this bracelet carries a legacy of spiritual significance.

Elevate your consciousness and unveil the truth within as you wear this bracelet, echoing the practices of Buddhist monks seeking inner peace. A substitute for Neelam gemstone, Lapis Lazuli boasts healing properties in realms such as Astrology, Reiki, and Vaastu.

Benefits of the Lapis Lazuli Bracelet:

  1. Awakening Awareness: This gemstone is believed to connect the wearer to truth and reality, awakening the third eye and fostering awareness.

  2. Regal Self-Discovery: Symbolizing royalty, this bracelet invites self-discovery, granting wearers a sense of regality and inner strength.

  3. Zodiac Harmony: Ideal for Sagittarius and Libra signs, the bracelet aligns with the energies of these zodiacs.

  4. Truthful Exploration: Navigate the realms of truth and falsehood, finding protection from negative energies along the way.

  5. Stress Relief: Combat stress and tension with the soothing energy of Lapis Lazuli, offering relief to those in need.

  6. Throat Chakra Activation: Open the throat chakra, facilitating the free expression of thoughts and views.

  7. Immune System Boost: Believed to strengthen the immune system, the bracelet may alleviate headaches and reduce fever.

Adorn your wrist with this stretchable bracelet, suitable for all, featuring an authentic, natural healing stone, it promises both style and spirituality.

Important Information:

  • Handle with Care: Avoid harsh chemicals (such as detergents and lotions) to preserve the gemstone's quality.
  • Mindful Wear: While the bracelet is resilient, excessive exposure to water is not advisable.

Lapis Lazuli Bracelet
Lapis Lazuli Bracelet Sale priceRs. 899.00

Orders will be dispatched within 2 Working Days!

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