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Choosing the Right Gemstone

Gemstones can be worn for astrological benefits or as jewellery. If you need clarification on which astrological gemstone suits you, consult our expert astrologers online. They recommend gemstones based on your birth chart in Vedic astrology.

How to Pick a Gemstone

Start by deciding the carat weight suitable for you. 1 Carat = 0.200 Gram. Choose your preferred shape from options like Oval, Cushion, Square, Rectangular, etc. Consider your budget as gemstone prices vary widely based on quality. Our Gem Experts carefully grade gemstones on all quality parameters and price them accordingly. Natural gemstones may have inclusions, but our experts guide you to select the best one within your budget.

Things to Be Cautious About: Always buy certified natural, untreated gemstones for astrological purposes. Only purchase from reputable dealers to avoid synthetic or treated stones. Be aware of unethical practices, like the resale of used stones. Gemstones are often treated, so ensure that it's disclosed, and the certificate mentions any treatment. Gemsmantra deals in untreated and 100% natural gemstones with a full guarantee.

How to Wear a Gemstone

Choose the appropriate metal for your astrological gemstone, assigned based on the planet it represents. Wear activated and energized astrological gemstones according to Vedic rules for the best results. We can turn your loose gemstone into jewellery in the best possible way, activating and energising it based on your birth details."

Uncertain About Your Ideal Gemstone? Get Personalized Advice Now.