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Article: Shubh Shravan Maas | Rudraksha | Lord Shiva | Gemsmantra


Shubh Shravan Maas | Rudraksha | Lord Shiva | Gemsmantra

"Shubh Shravan Maas"

A Month Dedicated to Lord Shiva

East & North India - Begins On 14/07/2022 and Ends On 12/08/2022

West & South India – Begins On 29/07/2022 and Ends On 27/08/2022

Indian Rishis - beings with transcendental consciousness - predicted that the planets and stars would align in particular cycles, some more than once a month. They wrote about this knowledge in the Vedas, which have been passed down through many generations to us today.

The Vedic Astrology concept is similar - determining an individual's Prakriti - or nature is critical for attaining a holistic approach in relation to advice given on how to attain success. The Vedas tell us that we can gain better results when we can learn to live in harmony with nature.

There are certain dates when various aspects related to Prakriti are at their peak, which can be synchronized with your actions so that you can get the best results possible which we call Shravan.

An important ritual like Shiv Puja is best done with a lot of care and devotion. We have seen over time that it is best to perform this particular puja in Shravan since the long, hot summer month of July burns away any negative energies that may affect you or your loved ones. The chanting of Shiva mantras is powerful and serves as magical weapons against all kinds of negative forces so it's ideal for those who want a little extra help!

This is a month to celebrate lord shiva and so why not celebrate it with the powers of Rudraksha (Shiva's tears). Struggling with life problems like love, marriage, health, money, career, or job -  Rudraksha is your answer. Rudraksha has many benefits and comes in different mukhis from 1 to 5 to 21 mukhi, gaurishankar rudraksha, ganesh rudraksh, which you can wear according to your rashi / zodiac signs and according to your problems.

Know which Rudraksha to wear according to your problem by clicking on the problem-





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