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Article: 9 Gemstones to wear in 9 Divine Days of Navratri in 2022 - Gemsmantra


9 Gemstones to wear in 9 Divine Days of Navratri in 2022 - Gemsmantra

Celebrate this Navratri, Gain the Power Devi Durga with Gems- 

The auspicious festival of Navratri is devoted to Goddess Durga and her principal of Devi and Shakti. Relish the festival with devoted Gemstones from GEMSMANTRA, the lab-certified, unheated, untreated, and authentic gem store in India. 

Here are the 9 Devoted Gemstones for 9 Days of Navratri 2022 -

Day One

Goddess / Mata Shailputri is the first manifestation of goddess Durga in nine incarnations. Shailputri means the daughter of mountains (shalia). She gives you the energy to attain a spiritual balance. Goddess Shailputri is considered the goddess of root chakra also known as Muladhara chakra. When the root chakra is balanced, it gives you stability, confidence, energy, and strength. The gemstone recommended by Gemsmantra devoted to Goddess Shailputri is Ruby / Manik, as it is ruled by the sun planet, its qualities bless you with good social & professional life, power and wealth increase. 

 Mata-Shailputri-Goddess-durga-gemstone-buy-ruby-manik-best-gems-shop-in-india-gemsmantra ruby-manik-navratri-gemsmantra-god-best-online-gems-shop-lowest-prices



Day Two

Goddess / Mata Brahmacharini is the second manifestation of goddess Durga in nine incarnations. Brahmarchini means devotee. She signifies in your life loyalty, wealth, prosperity, and happiness. Goddess Brahmacharini has considered the goddess of Svadhinsthana chakra means where your self is established. When the Svadhinsthana chakra is healed, it gives you fluidity, versatility, freedom, and an abundance of creativity and pleasure. The best gemstore, Gemsmantra suggested, a gemstone devoted to Goddess Brahmacharini is Pearl aka Sucha Moti, it improves thinking capacity and calmness. 

bramacharini-navratri-mata-goddess-best-online-gems-shop-in-india-gemsmantra-lowest-prices-lab-certified-gemsshoppearl-moti-saccha-gemsmantra-best-online-gems-shop-in maharastra-uttar-pradesh

Day Three

Goddess / Mata Chandraghanta is the third manifestation of goddess Durga in nine incarnations. Chandraghanta means one who is half-moon shaped like a bell. She gives you the power to remove your obstacles, and build your inner strength, and spiritual connection. Goddess Chandraghanta is considered the goddess of Manipura chakra also known as navel chakra. The time Manipura chakra is activated, it provides you the strength of balancing your energy and integrating your health. She gives devotees the strength to fight challenges, keep the negative energy away and eradicate all the troubles from an individual’s life. Gemsmantra's advice for gemstone devoted to Goddess Chandraghanta is Red Coral aka Moonga, as it is ruled by the Mars planet, its qualities give you courage and strength to fight the hurdles in your path. 


Day Four

Goddess / Mata Kushmanda is the fourth manifestation of goddess Durga in nine incarnations. Brahmarchini refers to the circle of energy. She blesses her devotees with good health and sufficient wealth. Goddess Kushmanda is considered the goddess of your heart chakra is also known as Anahata chakra. When the heart chakra is practiced, it will fill your heart with connection with the world, love, and compassion for others. The Gemsmantra, an authentic collection of gemstore-recommended gemstones devoted to Goddess Kushmanda is Blue Sapphire aka Neelam, wearing benefits you in good health, longevity and wealth. 


Day Five 

Goddess / Mata Skandmata is the fifth manifestation of goddess Durga in nine incarnations. Skandmata refers to the mother of Skanda. She is worshipped for the blessings, luckiness, and fortune. Goddess Skandmata is considered the goddess of your Vishudhhi chakra also known as the throat chakra. When the throat chakra is activated, it brings you unlimited happiness and abilities and skills to grow. Gemsmantra, the best online gemstone vendor, advised a gem devoted to Goddess Skandmata is Emerald aka Panna, it is ruled by the mercury planet and helps you in wealth, power, and intellectual growth. 


Day Six 

Goddess / Mata Katyayani is the sixth manifestation of goddess Durga in nine incarnations. Goddess  Katyayani is believed to wash away the sins of her devotees, and remove negativity and obstacles. Goddess Katyayani is considered the goddess of your Eye chakra also known as the Ajna chakra. When the eye chakra is energized, it brings you an inner vision to see the world and motivates you to see beyond. Gemsmantra, lab certified, and gems at lowest price store suggested gemstone devoted to Goddess Katyayani is Yellow Sapphire /  Pukhraj, it benefits you in knowledge gain, bringing prosperity and good luck in life. 


Day Seven 

Goddess / Mata Kaalaratri is the seventh manifestation of goddess Durga in nine incarnations. Goddess Kaalaratri is believed to bless her devotees to be fearless and free from all negative energies. Goddess Kaalaratri is considered the goddess of your Crown chakra also known as the Sahasrara chakra. When the Crown chakra is activated,  it provides you the pure light, a state of supreme consciousness, and an awakening of spirituality. Gemsmantra, a store where an unheated, untreated vast collection of gems recommended a gemstone devoted to Goddess Kaalaratri is Cat’s eye / Lehsuniya, it makes you courageous and reduces the effect of Ketu planet. 


Day Eight 

Goddess / Mata Mahagauri is the eighth manifestation of goddess Durga in nine incarnations. Goddess Mahagauri is worshiped to be blessed with health, prosperous and rich life. Goddess Mahagauri is considered to purify the soul and removes wrong deeds. She provides you the calming effects and also builds strong knowledge. She is also known as Shwetambardhara. Gemsmantra, an online elite collection of gemstones stores, tells about the gemstone devoted to Goddess Mahagauri the stone Opal / Dudhiya, which improves financial prosperity and receiving luxurious life. 



Day Nine 

Goddess / Mata Siddhidatri is the ninth manifestation of goddess Durga in nine incarnations. Goddess Siddhidatri is worshiped as she manifests your dreams into reality and helps you cross the ocean of problems in life. Goddess Siddhidatri blesses her devotees with all sorts of achievements and makes you capable of occult energy. She is the owner of 26 Siddhis (wishes) which she blesses her devotees with. The best gemstone recommendations store Gemsmantra, suggested a gem devoted to Goddess Siddhidatri is Garnet aka Gomed, it safeguards you from negative energies, and vibes and blesses you with happiness. 




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